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iOS 9 Maps app will get transit directions [report]

Back in 2012, in a bold move, Apple replaced Google Maps on iOS with their in house mapping solution; Apple maps. Apple’s own mapping service met with a widespread criticism due to its poor and inaccurate results which replaced Google’s efficient Maps app on iOS. Apple Maps offered lackluster point-of-interest (POI) data, and removed public transit directions.

Since its release, Apple has constantly been improving its point-of-interest data, but one major feature that its service lacks in public transit directions. At the time of launch, Apple had said that transit directions were not part of Apple Maps app because third-party developers would do a better job at providing public transit directions.


Public transit directions was one of the features expected to be released with iOS 8, but it did not make it to the feature list. Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac now reports based on its sources that Apple will certainly be adding public transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9.

Apple now hopes to launch its Transit service with iOS 9, according to sources. Apple currently plans to debut bus, subway, and train route navigation as the central upgrade to the Maps app in iOS 9 at WWDC [..]

Gurman notes that Apple withdrew from releasing public transit functionality into iOS 8 Maps app very late into development because of “personnel issues, data inconsistencies, and coverage for only a small subset of Apple’s major markets”.

Apple is also reportedly working on mapping major buildings and offices in an effort to make navigation convenient through those buildings. iOS 9 is widely expected to be unveiled at World Wide Developers Conference next month. Rumored iOS 9 features include an all new ‘Home app’ to manage HomeKit accessories, Siri makeover to make it in line with its Watch version, and a new San Francisco Apple Watch font.

[via 9to5mac]


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