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Roommates Stab each other during heated iPhone vs. Android debate

Debates between iPhone and Android fans can be seen all over the internet, and the debate often gets pretty heated. Although, most of the times such debates end up insulting the other side. Fortunately, to our knowledge, none of such digital noisy argument has ever taken the form of physical violence of any sort. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the same for two roommates who share an apartment in Tulsa, Oklahoma and ended up stabbing one another during a heated iPhone vs Android debate.


Local Tulsa station KTUL reports that police responded to a noisy argument at the Evergreen Apartments complex at 1 a.m. on Friday morning. The Police on site learnt that two roommates living in one of the apartments had been drinking and debating over iPhone vs Android superiority, and the argument ended in both roommates stabbing each other with broken bottles of beer. One of the roommate also had a bottle smashed on the back of his head by the other.

While the two men were brought to the hospital where they are being treated for their injuries, it remains unclear if the incident will have the two filing charges against each other, or whether both of them will be charged by the police.

It’s easy to see how passionate some groups of people are compared to the others while debating on such subjects. Every platform has its advantages that suits a certain audience, but getting into verbal fights over smartphone platform only makes you a stupid in general because you’re arguing over which all these companies are making huge sums of money out of your pocket. – Tulsa, Oklahoma – News, Weather

There used to be times when PC vs. Mac was the battle-front of argument for consumer in the tech industry, however that has been replaced with Apple vs. Android debate, which seems like a never ending one, not only on the web, but also in social circles, be it friends, co-workers, or even siblings. Thankfully, most of the time such debates are just some friendly exchanges. It’s hard to believe that someone would get so upset over someone’s preferences that someone would get stabbed for that.

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