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You can remotely control your Porsche car using Apple Watch

Porche has pushed a new update to its Porsche Car Connect Service allowing Apple Watch to act as a remote control when paired with modern vehicles. With the update, modern Porsche car owners with an Apple Watch will be able to lock their car, locate it and even control the interior heater right from their wrist.

While numerous Apple Watch apps have been rolling out lately, Porsche is among the pioneers to bring support for Apple’s first wearable into the car. The Car Connect feature of modern Porsche cars allow users to locate their car in the parking lot, lock it, manage climate control, and even toggle car’s folding wing mirrors.


In addition to the above mentioned features, the Watch app will also provide with some useful information like whether the luggage compartment is locked, its roof is open and stats related to recent journeys, including distance travelled, average speed and fuel consumption.

Only the following Porsche Cars built in 2014 or later, with Porsche Car Connect unit installed, are required to use the Watch apps:

  • Panamera
  • 918 Spyder
  • Macan
  • Cayenne

This initial Porsche app for Apple Watch may be limited in features for now, but it surely tells how useful Apple Watch can be when combined with your daily life things such as a car. Let’s hope that more manufacturer bring Apple Watch compatibility to their cars in the future.

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