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‘iPhone 7’ to feature an LCD display, not OLED [Analyst]

The next generation iPhone model will most probably add an “s” to the current iPhone 6 name, bringing speed and a couple of new features to the existing device form factor and exterior. An analyst also states that Apple is going to use the same LCD displays in its next iPhone line-up refresh.

The Apple Watch is the first device from Apple which is using an OLED display, and not an LCD panel as found in other devices including iPhone. It’s a departure of sorts for Apple. JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang notes that Apple’s newly invested Japan Display facility has the capabilities of yielding out 100 million 5-inch LTPS LCD panels for Apple, each year.
Some believe that the selection of OLED as the display of choice for Apple Watch indicated a shift in strategy that would end up replacing LCD technology with OLED through Apple’s mobile devices. However, the analyst believes the investment in Japan Display indicated that Apple is not yet ready to depart from LCD technology, and predicts that Apple will be using the same display technology all the way to the “iPhone 7.”

Apple had many times publicly opposed the use of OLED technology in its handsets. That is why the introduction of OLED display in the forthcoming Apple Watch was unexpected, when most of the industry analysts were predicting that the company would stick to the LCD technology prior to the unveiling of the Apple Watch.

Which display would you prefer to see on the upcoming iPhone models – an OLED display or the LCD is good enough for you?


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