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Galaxy S6, Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 6, leaked in Photos

Samsung is all set to unveil itz next flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone during an Unpacked event on March 1. But, thanks to a recent leak for showing us what Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like and without a surprise, Samsung’s upcoming flagship appears to have taken many design cues from its major rival, the iPhone 6.

These Galaxy S6 leaked photos has been posted on XDA-Developers by “reefur,” a forum member, who claims that the pictures are of a prototype Galaxy S6 device given to the AT&T for testing purposes. Just what the rumors has been telling, the device boasts a metallic frame with rounded edges and Samsung is moving towards glass back for its next flagship.
The leaked photos clearly shows that from the bottom and top of the device, the Galaxy S6 prototype looks just like an iPhone 6. The rumors claiming Galaxy S6 to feature a non-removable battery and a 5.1-inches display – likely with a Quad HD resolution – also appears to be true.

Unlike its predecessors, the Galaxy S6 doesn’t appear to feature microCD slot for storage expansion, but it’s expected that Samsung could offer 128GB storage option.

When we look at the front of the leaked phone, it gives the look of any other Galaxy smartphone, but samsung fans will undoubtedly be delighted over the significant design changes Samsung has made to the Galaxy S6. The original poster claims the device to give the feel of a Galaxy Note 4.

The phone has so many resemblances to the iPhone 6 that Apple fanatics won’t be much happy about that, and Samsung is going to be accused of copying Apple yet again. What do you think about the leaked Galaxy S6 prototype? Has Samsung come up with something original or it’s just plain ripoff?


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