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Lock all apps on iPhone with panicLock

If you’re concerned about the private data on your device while handing over your iPhone to someone, don’t panic and checkout panicLock in Cydia store. paniLock is a jailbreak tweak available in Cydia that allows you to lock all apps on your iPhone with a simple Activator gesture.

panicLock adds a new layer of security on to of jailbroken iOS device. Even without a passcode set on your device, no one can access your private stuff on your device if you’ve installed and set up panicLock on your device. You can completely lock out all the apps on your iPhone.
With panicLock installed, you can secretly lock all the apps on your iPhone by using an Activator gesture. Once the tweak is activated with the gesture, you won’t be able to open any app on your device. No matter how many time you tap on the app, it just won’t open.

panicLock jailbreak tweak is not limited to locking apps only, you can also disable Notification Center and Control Center on your Device. The tweak also allows you to disable app switcher, and notification popups and completely locks out your private stuff from intruders.

Once you’ve installed the tweak from Cydia, configure an Activator gesture by going into tweak’s preferences. If you want to user panicLock as discretely as possible, then it’s recommended to use a hardware button as an Activator gesture to invoke the tweak and lock all apps. If you want to regain the access to your apps, simply invoke the same gesture again.

You can download panicLock from Cydia for free, available under BigBoss repo. It’s a neat little tweak that lets you lock apps on iPhone very cleverly and undetected. There’s also a pro version available for the tweak, that allows you to selectively lock the apps and disable features of your choosing. but, unfortunately, the pro version of the tweak has not yet been updated for iOS 8.

Since this tweak requires your iPhone to be jailbroken, follow these links to jailbreak your device:

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