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Apple Watch battery life and CPU details revealed [Report]

Battery life of smartwatches has always been a hot topic of discussion, and it picked up steam when Apple officially unveiled Apple Watch without sharing any information about its battery life. Mark Gurman of the 9to5mac reports that Apple is targeting somewhere between 2.5 and 4 hours of active use ad 19 hours of passive use for its smartwatch.

Battery life was one of those features that Apple left out to share during the unveiling of its smartwatch last September, but the company’s CEO since said that their wearable watch will have to be “charged every night”. But didn’t talk about how long the battery will survive in the real life use.


9to5mac reports that the sources familiar with the project have provided them with the new details regarding Apple’s expectations for their wearable’s battery life. Gurman says that Apple is targeting:

  • 2.5 hours of heavy game-play or app use
  • 3 and half ours of standard app use
  • 4 hours of fitness tracking

Other battery stats shared in the reports includes:

  • 3 hours of always-on watch mode
  • and up to 4 days of standby mode.

While Apple has not said anything officially, but as per the report, these low battery numbers are the result of powerful hardware encased in the Apple watch. Gurman says that Apple has opted for a powerful S1 chip for the watch which offers A5-like performance. He further adds that a “high quality” display is being used for the smartwatch. Apparently, a “Retina class” display is being used with a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. Combine these two power-consuming features to various sensors, a severe battery drain in a smaller form-factor starts to make sense.

The report further details that Apple has been furiously testing Apple Watch out in the real world, with up to 3,000 units of mainly the Stainless Steel variant floating around at Apple HQ. All this is being done in a effort to improve battery life as much as possible. Apple watch’s poor battery is also being blamed for the delay from a late 2014 launch to early 2015.

Apple Watch was unveiled last September, and is rumored to hit shelves in coming March with a base price of $349. It will support iPhone 5 or later devices, running iOS 8.2 or newer software version. A built-in companion app is used for communication between the smartwatch and the iPhone.

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