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How to setup iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Want to know how to setup a new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3? Here we have a detailed guide on how to setup iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 that you’ve just bought or received as gift. Instructions for both the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are pretty much the same. Hit the jump for detailed iPad setup process instructions.

We have discussed the iPad setup process in greater details and which optional features such as Siri, iCloud, etc you should activate in order to setup your iPad in the first go. While the iPad setup process is pretty straight forward, but some of the options may confuse the first time iPad owners; so a little staright-talking guidance never goes amiss.

How to setup iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Here’s how to setup your shiny new iPad Air 2 or iPad mini:

  • Switch on the iPad:
    Turn on your iPad by pressing the Power/Sleep button on the top-right side of the device.
  • Insert SIM card:
    Insert the SIM card if you’ve got a Cellular iPad model and have not yet inserted the SIM card. Both iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 requires a nano-SIM card.
  • Getting Started:
    iPad will greet you with a Hello screen. Slide your finger from left to right on screen to begin the iPad set up process.
    setup iPad Air hello
  • Language, Region, and WiFi Network:
    After choosing your Language and Region, the iPad will ask your to join a WiFi network so the iPad can request and send setup information from and to Apple Servers. Enter a password fro the WiFi network if it’s protected with one.
    If you don’t have access to a WiFi network and have a Cellular iPad model, you can use the 3G/4G connection to complete the setup process. However, WiFi network is recommended because of its reliability and may get things done faster.
    setup iPad Air
  • Location Services:
    Choose to enable or disable Location Services. Some of the iPad features including Find My iPad, Maps, and other location based apps requires Location Services to be enabled.
    setup iPad Air - location services
  • New or Restore:
    On this screen you can choose between three options:

    • Set Up as New iPad
    • Restore from iCloud Backup
    • Restore from iTunes Backup

    For the purpose of this guide, we’ll choose “Set Up as New iPad”. However, if you have backup of your older iDevice on iCloud or iTunes, then make your choice wisely.
    setup iPad Air

  • Setup Apple ID
    You’ll then be asked to enter your Apple ID. If you don’t and existing Apple ID, you can create one for free.
    iPhone 6 setup Apple ID
  • Terms and Condition:
    You’ll have to tap on Agree on the lower right side of the screen and then again tap Agree on the popup to confirm that you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Apple. This may tap a few minutes to setup your Apple ID on your iPad.
    setup iPad Air terms
  • Setup iCloud
    This screen will ask you if you want to use iCloud or not. With iCloud enabled, you can backup and store your stuff on iCloud – Apple’s on cloud storage service. It also allows you to sync your personal stuff including Photos, music, contacts, calendars and more to sync across all your Apple devices. So tap Use iCloud unless you’re not interested in backing up your stuff in the cloud.
    setup iPad Air icloud
  • Find My iPad
    Using Find My iPad feature, you’ll be able to locate your lost/stolen iPad given that it’s connected to a network. You’ll be able to send a message to the person who has it, lock it, or even remotely erase all your data from the device. It’s highly recommended to enable Find My iPad options. Please note that Find My iPad feature requires iCloud feature to be enabled.
    setup iPad mini - find my ipad
  • iMessage and FaceTime
    On this screen you’ll be able to choose the emails ids and phone numbers that others can use to contact your via iMessage and FaceTime. Deselect the phone numbers and emails you don’t want to associate with iMessage and FaceTime.
  • iCloud Drive
    This screen will prompt you to upgrade to iCloud Drive – a feature to store your files on iCloud with access on all your devices. You can do that later as well.
  • Touch ID & Passcode
    This screen will ask you to setup Touch ID; Apple’s in-house solution to use fingerprint to unlock the device without entering a passcode or make a purchase without entering Apple ID password. To setup Touch ID, all your need to do is to place your finger or thumb on the Home button and follow on-screen instructions.
    Then you’ll be prompted to enter a passcode as well.
  • iCloud Keychain
    This screen will prompt you to setup iCloud Keychain. This feature of iOS allows you to store website credentials, credit car numbers, expiration dates and more in the cloud, ad keeps them available across all your approved iOS devices and Macs.
    How to setup and use iCloud Keychain
  • Siri
    Siri is a great personal assistant. Tap on Use Siri. However, if you’re a bit paranoid about the fact that Apple sends your voice to its servers for Siti to work, you can tap Don’t Use Siri.
    setup iPad Air - Siri
  • Diagnostics and usage data
    This screen will prompt you if you want to send Diagnostic and usage data to Apple servers anonymously. It logs all your activity and whatever you do on your devices and sends it to Apple in an attempt to improve overall experience. It’s up to you if you want to Send or Don’t send.
  • Welcome to iPad
    That’s it! you’re good to go. You’ll be greeted with Welcome to iPad screen. Tap on Get Started to to got the Home screen of your iPad
    Welcome to iPad

Let us know how did the setup process go for you. Did you find the iPad setup process user friendly? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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