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Russian Apple Online Store back online with Increased prices

Apple’s online store is once again back online is Russia after staying offline for straight 6 days. Last week, Apple had taken its Russian online store down due to country’s collapsing currency i.e. ruble (RUB). Apple has adjusted the prices of its products before bringing the online store back in Russia to keep its profit level inline with the fluctuating currency.

Apple has raised prices of almost all of its products in Russian online store, including the latest and greatest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Before the change in price, the 16GB iPhone 6 model was listed for 39,990 rubles, but after the recent price change, the same device is now listed with more than 50% increase in price – 53,990 rubles (~980$) off-contract and excluding taxes. Entry level iPhone 6 Plus now starts at 61,990 rubles.
iPhone 5c with 8GB storage capacity is the cheapest model one can find on the online Russian Apple store with a price tag of 29,990 rubles, while the iPhone 6 Plus with 12GB storage option stays the most expensive iPhone model with 77,990 rubles price tag.

iPad, Macs, Apple TV and other Apple devices have also seen similar increase in the prices. Back in November, Apple had increased the prices of iPhones by nearly 25% due to the falling currency value.

Apple took down its Russian online store last Tuesday due to sharp decline in the currency value stemming from the falling oil prices, sanctions imposed by US and EU, and the ongoing Ukraine crisis.


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