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iPad Air 2 components suppliers ramp up production

Apple’s supply chain partners are ramping up production of parts to be used in 2nd generation iPad Air, according to DigiTimes. DigiTimes is a Taiwan based trade publication, which has a hit-and-miss track record related to Apple’s unreleased product plans. The report adds that iPad Air 2 will be thinner and lighter thatn the first generation iPad Air, and it’ll be faster and incorporate the widely rumored Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

“Touch panel makers TPK and GIS are among some of the makers receiving orders from Apple for full-lamination units,” the report claims. “Sources said the new model will remain unchanged in terms of size and resolution, but that it will be thinner, equipped with an enhanced processor, and contain improved fingerprint recognition features.”

DigiTimes reports that TPK, GIS and other suppliers have received orders for the iPad Air 2 units. Event thought the next egenration iPad Air is expected to remain unchanged, sources of DigiTimes claims the device to be thinner, and equipped with an enhanced processor and sporting fingerprint sensor.

The report further adds that Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display have also received increasing orders for the iPhone, perhaps for the potentially delayed 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

The report doesn’t mention anything beyond what has already been rumored many times in the past, that the devices will packs Apple’s latest A8 processor, and be thinner than iPad Air, which itself is 7.5mm thick. Previous rumors have also claimed 2GB RAM, anti-glare coating, 8MP rear camera and more for Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2 is expected to be announced during an event in October. It’ll likely enjoy some good stage time alongside the 3rd generation iPad mini. It is going to be a busy Fall season for Apple, when it’s going to launch iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and a wearable device.

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