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Alleged schematics claims to show iWatch parts, tech specs and design

Now that we are about 24 hours away from the unveiling event of iPhone 6 and rumored iWatch, an anonymous Reddit user has posted some images of what he claims to be the CAD drawings of Apple’s upcoming wearable gadget. The user has not only posted the schematic drawings, he also shared specifications of the device before its official announcement.

Half a dozen photos seeming reveals technical drawings and parts of the iWatch and pointing at a device with rectangular body, a rounded sensor plate and other design features and specifications. Please note that Reddit is not an accurate source of leaks and the CAD drawings shown in these leaks can easily be fakes, so take these with a pinch of salt.


The leaked images show a rectangular shaped housing for the wearable, and also outlines speaker, mic and a circular region at the bottom purportedly for health and fitness sensors. The sensor plate will be in contact with the skin. The leak also indicates that iWatch will have wireless charging, as there’s no charging port or even a lighting port shown in any schematic.

“The round hole is for the sensor plate that will be in contact with the skin. The chunk thats missing on the side is where the watch’s crown goes.”


Other details hint at one day battery life, and water resistance up to 20 meters deep down in the water. The iWatch is rumored to come in two different sizes available in four different colors. The poster claims Quanta to be the source of these leaked images. Quanta is Apple’s rumored manufacturing partner to assemble the iWatch.

Apple is all set to unveil iPhone 6 and may be a wearable dubbed as iWatch as well at their media event on September 9, at the Flint Center in California on Tuesday. Apple is also expected to unveil iPad Air 2. While a wearable is expected to be unveiled, it is believed that it won’t hit shelves until 2015.

iWatch-parts-Housing-001 iWatch-parts-Mic-bracket-001 iWatch-parts-Pusher-001 iWatch-parts-Speaker-and-button-001 iWatch-parts-Speaker-mesh-001

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