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18-Karat gold Apple Watch Could cost as much as $1200

Apple announced its very first wearable watch, dubbed as ‘Apple Watch’, during a media event held on September 9 alongside plethora of new products. The new Apple Watch is not only stylish, it also comes loaded with great feature for a watch. Apple is also going to offer a 18-Karat gold edition of the Watch.

It’s not been long since Apple introduced gold option in their products, but for the Watch, Apple is going all out. Apple is going to offer an 18-karat gold casing option for its Watch, among other band options to choose from. The Gold option will obviously ve the most expensive one among all. TechCrunch reports that one expert believes Apple to price it at over $1000.

TechCrunch has talked to experts in Jewelry industry about the gold edition of the Apple Watch, and says that if Apple goes for actualy 18-Karat gold, it could sell for as much as $1200. Imagine if the lower end sport versions of the Apple Watch starts at $349, the top of the line smart watch with gold case is going to be pretty pricey.

Chad Rickicki, a watch expert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania said that a case the size and shape of the Apple Watch in 18 carat gold would cost about $600 to make. The rest — the electronics and markup could double that price.


It’s unclear if the entire case if made of gold, or its just gold-plated. The experts in contact with TC thinks that all gold case matches up with the size and weight provided for the Watch. If it’s a gold case and priced at above $1000, this would certainly fit in with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s earlier predictions.

After years of speculations and rumors, Apple has finally revealed its wearable smart watch called the Apple Watch. It requires a compatible iPhone to work. When launched in 2015, it’ll offer numerous iPhone-complementing features such as messaging, Apple Pay, activity tracking and more.

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