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Apple Stores now offer on-site iPhone 5s screen replacements

Broken Glass or screen is a big pain, getting it repaired is even a bigger issue. Accidents often happen and sometimes Glass or screen gets cracked by pressure in pocket. After that hunt for a self-repair kit or a trustworthy screen replacement service begins which without a doubt are rip-offs and even after repair there are issues. Another option is sending it to Apple which might take a week or longer for them to repair and send your phone back.

But folks here is a good news, Apple has now started on site screen replacement on their official retail stores, which is great. It a sigh of relief as you get on site Glass/Screen Replacement of your iPhone 5S or 5C in an hour and by someone you can trust. Apple started repairing iPhone 5 back in June, 2013, then expanded to January this year and now adding iPhone 5S to the line.

Experts at Apple understand the chemistry of the device and use a sophisticated machine for a precise and well aligned display change. The in stores repair program saves money, time and of course offers better and expert replacement/repair services.

The repair service costs around 149$, the customers who walked in to Apple store with a broken 5S Screen/Glass walked out within an hour or less with a replaced or Repaired Glass or screen. The price is based upon various factors i.e. how the glass was broken, how much damaged it is, the device is covered by AppleCare+ or not. It’s worth noting here that accidental damage is not covered in Apple’s one year limited warranty.


Apple uses this machine to replace damaged displays of smartphones. It is way better as compared to old days when users had to ship their iPhone to Apple and pay $269, and it took about week or more for Apple to fix the phone and return. With the on site repair of iPhone 5/5S/5C glass/screen Apple can save consumers with cost and specially time. For now it is limited to US and Canadian Apple retail stores, but it is expected to be launched in Europe by next week.

According to Apple, in house display replacement can save company up to 1 Billion Dollars every year. Anyhow this is a great initiative by apple to its users. So those of you in US with broken display of iPhone 5S, head to your nearest Apple retail store and ask for Glass/Screen Replacement.

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