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Pangu Team promises future Jailbreak; Not concerned about using new exploits

Pangu Jailbreak, created by Chinese team of hackers, came totally out of blue. At first it was thought to be fake, but after some time, it made people believe that their jailbreaking tool is Legit and works perfectly. At first, the jailbreak was little hard as the older version was in Chinese language and it was one of the reason behind doubts.

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The newer version of Pangu is in English and available for both Mac and Windows. Pangu can jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 out of the box. It supports all the devices running iOS 7.1-7.1.2.

The newly released version of Pangu i.e Pangu v1.1, uses new exploits which makes hackers community little unsure about the future jailbreaks. The first version of Pangu used the exploit discovered by famous hacker Stefan Esser aka i0n1c. i0n1c went on calling Pangu team fake & accused them of copying the exploits taught during his iOS hacking training sessions.

After being accused, Pangu team released a newer version of the jailbreaking tool with the newer exploits. The use of new exploits, which could have been used in future, has been widely criticized by the majority in the jailbreak community.

i0n1c hacker who accused them of copying exploit said it was a ‘shame’ as it killed more bugs.

Most in the community thinks that releasing new Pangu with new exploits wasted many precious loop holes which could have been used to jailbreak iOS 8. but on other hand Pangu team doesn’t share the same concern. One of the Pangu member said on wasting new Exploits:

Launching Pangu has already proved that we are capable to probe and exert any prospective exploit. The notion of “Waste” doesn’t exist on our mind. We will keep going to put most efforts on the next perfect Jailbreak. This is our first, but won’t be the LAST!

Currently there are five team members at Pangu @dm557 @windknown @modikr @tb557 and @zengbanxian

They mentioned that all of them are newbies in jailbreaking, but they will be working to provide free jailbreaks in future to the jailbreak community. Looks like they have a lot to learn, but working at this speed they will surely jailbreak every version of iOS. Which is good for the people and Apple too; Apple will improve the overall security of iOS.

Now let’s see where the Pangu jailbreak goes from here. At this point every hacker is waiting for iOS 8 to be released for public. Looks like there would be an environment of competition between Evad3rs and Pangu – who will release the iOS 8 jailbreak first? Only the time will tell.

Share your thought on Team Pangu burning new exploits for a point update, do you support this act of Team Pangu?

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