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iPhone 6 to Feature New Dynamic Haptic Feedback Technology?

As the unveiling date of Apple’s next generation smartphone i.e iPhone 6 or iPhone Air, is approaching nearer more and more rumors related to the device are surfacing now and then. The rumored unveiling date for iPhone 6 is said to September 19th. iPhone 6 is coming packed with bunch of great new features including a larger screen, latest Apple chip on board, NFC and much more. This latest rumor claims iPhone 6 to feature dynamic haptic feedback technology.

Chinese mobile phone information site Laoyaoba (Google Translate, via GforGames) reports that one of the features of iPhone 6 would be that the iPhone 6 might be packed with dynamic haptic feedback technology. In haptic feedback, a device vibrates when it is touched. It makes pressing an on-screen button feel something like pressing a physical one. It is also known as tactile feedback i.e making a key press or tapping on an app icon, it ensures that the touch has been logged.

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The haptic feedback technology has been the part of Android since long while the iPhone only vibrates for the alerts. Well, surprisingly the the current-gen iPhone is capable of tactile feedback but only after jailbreaking. According to the report, iPhone 6 will posses a tactile feedback linear motor, while at present the iPhone 5S comes with a bog-standard vibrating motor. The source also mentions that while iPhone 5S’ haptic motor costs around $0.6, the iPhone 6 motor unit will be 2 or 3 times more expensive.

The report is a bit sketchy because it provides only light details, stating only that the motors are made by AAC (an existing Apple supplier) and Jinlong Electrical. Lets wait until we have a hands on experience with the new iPhone 6, the feature seems great and would be wonderful for gaming, it would feel just like PlayStation or Xbox controller for in game vibrations.

iPhone 6 is rumored to launch in September and it’ll be running Apple’s upcoming major software update i.e. iOS 8.

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