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iCloud Removal tool Lets you bypass iCloud Activation Lock

With the release of iOS 7, Apple added a new security feature to it mobile operating system dubbed as iCloud Activation Lock. The Activation Lock is a feature found in the Find My iPhone service which binds your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with your Apple ID so that your lost or stolen iOS device cannot be used or restored without your own Apple ID and valid Password.

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The feature at first seems great and it certainly is. Since its launch, police has credited Activation Lock for the decline in iPhone theft in some cities, but there are some legitimate cases where users are unable to remove the Activation Lock.

Problem occurs for the people buying second hand devices with iCloud activation lock enabled. The devices with Find my iPhone feature enabled can only be activated using original owner’s iCloud information. Apples advices used iPhone buyers to make sure the feature is switched off before purchasing it, but doesn’t have anything to say about the people with used iPhones in hand and no way to contact the original owner.

Another example of legitimate case might be the people with weak memory or careless habit who turn on the find my iPhone/iCloud feature on their device and end up forgetting their password which becomes a huge mess as they are not able to use / Re-activate their device.

This is where this new solution comes in handy. ChronicUnlocks, the company that unlocks iPhones for cash, has announced a new iCloud Removal tool that allows user to remove Apple’s Activation Lock security feature. The service costs $149.99.

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Before this, iH8Sn0w has released R0bf0rdsn0w iCloud Activation Lock Bypasser, but the archive file was password protected which seems very hard to break. Then there came a hackers duo who launched a service called doulCi to bypass activation lock.

It will help those effected users owning a device stuck on the activation/icloud, specially with no apple store to present invoice, or in case you bought a second hand device from a seller who didn’t remove their iCloud login from, and the buyer is not able to contact the seller.

The company says that they won’t remove the Activation feature for devices in “Lost Mode” to ensure they don’t allow users to activate lost or stolen devices.

Chronic unlock explains:

We will NOT remove iCloud from a unit in “Lost Mode”, meaning that the login area of the “Activate iPhone” screen has a Message From The Owner place, usually asking to call the number. This is serious, we can not see this on our end (without incurring cost) but our supplier will see this and refuse to refund if you ignore this rule. We will also make sure to attempt to retrieve the number from the database and will call it with your information if you do this. Again, very serious. Email [email protected] if you have questions about this.

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shehraz moin September 4, 2014, 3:24 pm

sir i want to purchased icloud removal…………..

jam September 23, 2014, 9:21 pm

Why you putting so much bulshit no your website?

dave October 15, 2014, 2:48 pm


I have ipod touch 5th gen

I have a message that says

To regain your device pay me by paypal of $140

i called apple and they cant do anything for me

Rifky cracking February 12, 2015, 5:50 am

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