Download iTunes 11.3 - iTunes Extras for HD Movies

Apple releases iTunes 11.3 with iTunes Extras for HD Movies

Apple has released iTunes 11.3, which is now available to download for both Windows and Mac OS X. iTunes 11.3 update brings iTunes Extras for HD movies on Mac, in addition to the SD variants. iTunes 11.3 also brings back the iTunes Extras to Apple TV media streaming box it was killed back in 2010.

These Extras include interactive menus with featurettes, director’s commentary, behind-the-scenes videos,  and other interactive assets. iTunes 11.3 is released more than a month after the release of iTunes 11.2.2 that fixed the unexpected downloaded Podcasts bug.

Here are the release note of iTunes 11.3 update:

iTunes 11.3 includes all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies. iTunes Extras can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentary, scenes, and more. These immersive iTunes Extras can also be enjoyed on Apple TV with Apple TV Software Update 6.2 now, and will be available on iOS 8 this fall.

These iTunes Extras features are just like the Extras found in DVDs. These contents become available with all the movie purchases. For all your previous movie purchases, Extras will automatically be added as they become available – at no additional cost.

Apple TV users can enjoy these Extras if they have updated their media streaming device to 6.2. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will get access to these features with the release of iOS 8.

Download iTunes 11.3

You can update iTunes to iTunes 11.3 by opening it and accept the update prompt that appears. Mac users can also download iTunes update via Mac app store or alternatively you can download iTunes 11.3 from these direct download links:

iTunes 11.3 for Mac
iTunes 11.3 for Windows 32-bit

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