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Spotlight search gets improved result options in iOS 8

Earlier today, during the WWDC keynote in Moscone Center, San Francisco, Apple announced iOS 8 – the next major software update to its mobile operating system. iOS 8 comes with some great new features and massive improvements to the overall operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Among other improvements, Spotlight has gone under major revamp and has become brighter than ever in iOS 8.

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Spotlight is one of the amazing features of iOS 8. It has become more like Google. I’d like to call it search engine in iOS 8. It can now find things you didn’t even know you wanted, or maybe things you did but weren’t sure how to find. On your device or elsewhere, Spotlight will be a go-to source. In short, its Siri without Siri. It will help you in finding apps, news, point of interest, songs – even on iTunes.

Spotlight now finds apps in the App Store, so a search from your home screen can provide a link to the App Store. That’s a fun feature for those times you’re not sure if that cool new app you heard about is available for iPad as well as iPhone — just search on your iPad to find out. It also help you in search of songs, movies etc. It will let you know if its ready for streaming from iTunes or even available for download.

Spotlight will provide directions. You can even search for topical issues, and Spotlight will give you news updates. It has resemblance with Google in many ways, but it’s becoming more contextual and easy to use. You run a query, before it answers, it intelligently considers things like context and location. And the results are brilliant.

With iOS 8, Spotlight will fetch results from and about Wikipedia, news, nearby places, iTunes Store, App Store, iBook Store, Suggested websites, and Movie showtimes. Spotlight also works in Safari mobile browser.

To conclude,spotlight is one of the shinning stars on apple’s sky.

Registered Apple developers can download iOS 8 beta from the iOS dev center. General public will have to wait untill this Fall to get their hands on iOS 8.

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