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iOS 8 Beta Jailbreak Achieved!

With the availability of iOS 8 beta, the most frequently asked question of these days is if it’s jailbreak-able? In fact, one of the hacker has already jailbreak iOS 8. Stefan Essen, well-known security researcher who goes by the name i0nic in jailbreak circles has worked some more magic and jailbroken iOS 8 on his iPod Touch.

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Even though Apple is aggressively taking ideas from popular jailbreak tweaks, making them obsolete, it’s still exciting to know that iOS 8 jailbreak is possible. Thanks to i0nic for his great work that we now have our first iOS 8 breakthrough.

Unlike his previous jailbreak related teaser, he didn’t share any photo or video of Cydia running on an iOS 8 jailbroken device. However, the screenshot, he shared, shows that he has successfully gained the root access via SSH on his Mac. It means one of the most important milestones in achieving iOS 8 jailbreak has been reached.

Here’s the photo posted by i0nic on his Twitter handle:


From the picture, and also in another tweet by i0nic, it’s confirmed that the device is a fifth-gen iPod Touch:

Before this, i0nic teased iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak on iPhone 5c and there’re good chances that he has used the same kernel exploit to jailbreak his iPod Touch 5G on iOS 8.

Do not put your hopes high because i0nic is known for teasing the jailbreak community and release nothing (It’s not that we doubt his skills). Still his teaser confirms that there are exploits that still work on iOS 8 and jailbreaking iOS 8 is a viable pursuit.

Despite the fact that Apple has been bringing many encouraging new features to iOS lately, which were otherwise available via jailbreak tweaks only, nothing beats the flexibility and versatility of jailbreak store i.e. Cydia. One can enjoy many great tweaks, themes and tons of customization through jailbreak.

We’ll update you about any sort of iOS 8 jailbreak related news. So stay tuned!

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