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iPhone 6 Physical Mockup: thinner design with rounded edges

Macitynet has shared a physical mockup of the 4.7-inch variant of the upcoming iPhone 6. This physical mockup is based on all the rumored changes expected in the next generation iPhone 6. The iPhone 6’s physical mockup clearly mocks the much rumored repositioned power button, and thinner design with rounded edges. Hit the jump to checkout the picture of iPhone 6 physical mockup in black color.

The picture of the physical mockup clearly shows the power button moved to the side of the device to make it easier to handle in one hand. The mockup shows a thinner design with rounded edges as opposed to the iPhone 5s’ beveled edges connect two surfaces. The mockup also features a circular flash. Relative to the size of the hand and the device, the mockup seems to have a 4.7-inches display.

It’s believed that the mockup is made by the case manufacturers to test and manufacture their cases for the iPhone 6, well before its actual launch. Macitynet notes that these iPhone 6 mockups are further refined over a period of months to make them closely resemble to the iPhone 6. These mockups help manufacturers to make their cases available in the stores on day-one of sales.

iphone 6 physical mockup

In practice, this model would be made molds of the latest cases and tested the prototypes of the enclosures to verify their compatibility with the real iPhone 6. It is not uncommon that during the process of engineering accessories manufacturers are forced to progressively refine their plans, as they come under the table information on the specifications of the phones. In practical terms, it was explained, in recent months there have been various “versions” experienced by manufacturers of accessories (and these were modeled and rendered drawings of the iPhone 6), but there is now confidence that this one located final.

Apple is repeatedly reported to be working on two different models of iPhone 6 – 4.7-inch and a larger 5.5-inch variant. iPhone 6 is rumored to come in a thinner design with rounded edges, smaller bezels, and repositioned power button and more. The 4.7-inch variant is expected to hit shelves this fall, however, the larger iPhone 6 model is said to be facing manufacturing issues.


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