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iOS 8 to bring split-screen multitasking to the iPad?

Rumors and details related to Apple’s upcoming IOS 8 firmware began to leaks last month, and we can expect more leaks in the coming few weeks as Apple’s annual WWDC 2014 event is just a few weeks away now. The latest iOS 8 related news comes from Mark Gurman, a reliable Apple reporter, which also happens to be the source of almost everything we know about the yet to be released iOS 8 firmware.

split screen multitasking ipadAccording to Gurman, Apple will be introducing an exciting new split-screen multitasking feature in iOS 8 for the iPad devices. We’ve seen split-screen multitasking in Microsoft Surface that allows users to run two applications side-by-side, but the iPad users have been asking for this feature since the launch of the first-gen iPad back in 2010.

Split-screen feature in iOS 8 will be a radical departure for iOS from the traditional display of one running app at a time. The feature is said to be iPad specific which makes sense, because split-screen multitasking will require larger real estate to draw a line down the middle on the screen and show one app on each side.

Gurman reports that there’s more than just having two apps running side-by-side to happen in iOS 8:

The feature is designed to allow for apps to more easily interact, according to the sources. For example, a user may be able to drag content, such as text, video, or images, from one app to another. Apple is said to be developing capabilities for developers to be able to design their apps to interact with each other. This functionality may mean that Apple is finally ready to enable “XPC” support in iOS, which means that developers could design App Store apps that could share content.

It sure is an interesting feature for the iPad. The enhanced multitasking in iOS 8 with split-screen feature will not only make it easier to do more with the iPad, it will also put Apple at par with the Samsung and Microsoft when it comes to running apps side-by-side.

Apple’s WWDC 2014 keynote will kick-off at 1:00 p.m. EDT on June 2nd, where Apple is expected to introduce iOS 8 and OS X update among other new products.

via: 9to5Mac

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