iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Untethered Demoed on iPhone 4

Untethered iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Demoed on iPhone 4 [Video]

Winocm, the p0sixspwn developer and future Apple employee, has posted a video on YouTube captioned “iOS 7.1 untethered boot” demonstrating what appears to be an untethered iOS 7.1 jailbreak on a Verizon iPhone 4.
The 2-minute long video shows an untethered iOS 7.1 jailbreak running on A4 equipped iPhone 4. The videos shows the booting process and then shows major iPhone features such as dialer, Safari and others in action. The video has no narration and noticeably, it doesn’t show the core part of the jailbreak i.e. Cydia. But, this is not surprising because winocm says that the video was not meant to be released quite yet.

Details about the clip are quite scarce right now. Apple killed the exploits used in evasi0n7 jailbreak when it released iOS 7.1, so we know nothing about how winocm was able to pull this untethered iOS 7.1 jailbreak off. But its existence is fueling hope for the folks waiting to jailbreak their device running the latest iOS 7.1 firmware.

There’s no details about the compatibility of this jailbreak with A5 or A6 devices such as iPhone 5S/5c/5, but iH8Sn0w’s response to winocm’s tweet seems promising:

It’s worth mentioning here that pod2g said earlier this month that the evad3rs team doesn’t plan to actively work on an iOS 7.1 jailbreak. If he gets some free time he may explore iOS 7.1 jailbreak, but most of the efforts will likely be conserved for iOS 8.

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