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Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c launching tomorrow?

Apple will launch a cheaper 8GB model of iPhone 5C tomorrow, March 18, a new report reveals. According to a leaked O2 document posted to the German Caschys Blog, the cheaper iPhone 5C will be launched at least is UK tomorrow, which means that it could be launching globally as well.

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It’s believed that the stocks are already hitting stores and the smartphone will go on sale by tomorrow at O2 with an expected price to be 509 Euros, that is 60 Euros less than that the price of an iPhone 5C 16GB model, which is currently available for 569 Euros at O2. Prior to this, iPhone 5C was only available in 32GB and 16GB storage options.

It’s no secret that Apple’s colorful, plastic iPhone 5C has fallen short of Apple’s internal projections. In an effort to promote it, Apple tried various marketing tactics including a series of new web and print ads. Now it seems like Apple’s game plan, for iPhone 5C, also includes a cheaper variant of the device to attract midrange customers.

There’s no word on the pricing and availability of this cheaper device in the US. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple sets pricing of this cheaper variant in the US. If it’s offered as a free device with 2-years of contract, or $450 for contract-free device, then it’ll be at par with the current iPhone 4S offer.

Engadget posted a photo that is said to show the label from 8GB iPhone 5c packaging:
This new device could be focused towards developing markets where demand for mid range device is very high. A good price may also revive this iPhone models, which currently seems to be struggling to find its footing in the smartphone market.

Is this a move out of desperation? If a cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C sees the light of the day, will you pick one of these up if and when it becomes available?

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