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Winterboard for iOS 7 and 64-bit Processor Released

Winterboard for iOS 7 is finally out! We have some good news for themers and jailbreakers that Jay Freeman – aka Saurik has finally updated Winterboard, a popular iOS UI customization platform, with iOS 7 compatablity and 64-bit architecture found in iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 with Retina display and the iPad Air.

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Although Winterboard worked almost fine for most of the older devcies running iOS 7, but there were still bugs and compatibility issues. These inconsistencies and compatibility issues should now be a thing of past with the release of Winterboard for iOS 7. Other than iOS 7 support, Winterboard now also have a flat icon, which is inline with the flatter icon scheme introduced by Apple in iOS 7.

Updated Winterboard for iOS 7 means that all the themers, with jailbroken devices, will now be able to apply themes to any of their devices and customize it as they please without facing any compatibility issues. Of course, Winterboard support is not the only thing to make theming experience smooth. Theme developer/designers must also updated their themes for iOS 7, especially themes for devices with 64-bit processor are hard to be found.

iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air users will probably have to wait until designers releases new themes for 64-bit processors or update existing ones. Some of the designers are already working to make their themes compatible with iPhone 5S, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air processors.

Although Winterboard adds support for iOS 7, Saurik notes that wallpapers are not supported. Here are one of the tweets from Saurik:

Judging from Saurik’s choice of words, it seems that Winterboard still need some work to achieve the 100% perfomance. It means future updates will bring more stability to the Winterboard framework.

You can download and install Winterboard from Cydia for free. Simply open Cydia, go to Search tab and search for “Winterboard” and install it. After installing Winterboard, you can search and install any winterboard theme from Cydia. Here’s a comprihensive guide on how to use Winterboard.

Do you love to theme your device with Winterboard? What are your favorite Winterboard themes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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