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iPhone 6 with 4.9-Inch Display and iPhone 5C Successor Being Tested by Apple [Rumor]

C Technology, a Chinese blog that has leaked a few credible Apple parts earlier in the year and also leaked number high-res photos and videos of iPhone 5S/5C before they were launched, is now out with a new report. The report claims that Apple is testing iPhone 6 with larger screen size that goes beyond the current 4-inch display that Apple introduced in iPhone 5 a year ago.The report also claims a bigger screen iPhone 5c successor is also in the works.

The Chinese site reports that Apple has started testing iPhone 6 with a larger 4.9-inch display, alongside a bigger screen iPhone 5C successor. A bigger screen iPhone 6 rumours has been making rounds for quite some time now, but it’s the first time that we’re hearing about a bigger screen iPhone 5C.


It’s important to note that the companies like Apple constantly experiment with various form-factors and screen sizes, which could explain these rumours. There’s no guarantee that a prototype, in testing, with bigger screen will make its way into the market.

Looking at the competitors flooding the market with bigger screens, it seems the right time for Apple to enter bigger screen domain. If Apple does end up launching a bigger screen iPhone 6, it’ll be interesting to see if it will be offered at a premium price, and continue to offer the 4-inch models such as: iPhone 5S and 5C. An iPhone 5C successor will also be an interesting thing to look forward to.

Do you want a bigger screen iPhone? or an iPhone with 4-inch display is ideal for you?

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