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Apple sued over automatic iOS 7 OTA update download

Apple introduced OTA (Over-The-Air) update feature in iOS 5, which allowed automatic download of the iOS updates in the background whenever the device is connected to WiFi and a power source. The installation of the downloaded update still needs user interaction. The feature seems quite convenient if you want to stay up to date, but it can end up taking a lot of storage space if you do not plan to install the downloaded update.
A large number of iOS users didn’t update to iOS 7 due to various reasons, but the update for iOS 7 was already downloaded into their devices waiting for the user to hit install. Since iOS 7 is a major update and weighs more than 1GB for some devices, which is a significant portion of a storage space of 8GB and 16GB capacity devices. This made users unhappy because there’s no way to delete the downloaded update file.

Once such unhappy Apple user has filed a lawsuit against Apple over this automatic OTA download of iOS 7 update.  CNET reports that Mark Menacher of Poway, California, has sued Apple in the small claims court against Apple CEO Tim Cook over the recent iOS 7 update, which he says automatically downloaded to each of his family’s device without his consent. The suit is titled “Mark David Menacher vs. Tim Cook.” CNET reports:

Mark Menacher calls “Apple’s disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS7 is corporate thuggery,” 

Menacher said in a statement. “Steve Jobs was reportedly rough on company employees in pursuit of happy customers, but Tim Cook apparently cultivates a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction in pursuit of corporate profits. It is a policy that will eventually fail.

In his complaint, Menacher has asked for a way to delete the downloaded file, as well as $50 in compensation. He has also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau.

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