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Shipments of New iPhone Models Begin Arriving in the U.S. Ahead of Launch

Apple has announced September 10th as an official unveiling date of new iPhone models. Apple is expected to unveil not one, but two new iPhones at this event. And according to a new report from MacRumors, those new iPhone models has already begun arriving in the U.S.
iphone 5c shipment
MacRumors got tipped from once of its reliable sources that the shipment of new iPhone models, that Apple is going to unveil on September 10th, has already started arriving in the U.S. Apple has begun stockpiling these new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models in various channels.

…MacRumors has learned from a reliable source that the company has already begun shipments of at least some of the new hardware into the United States.

As is not unheard of for the company, Apple is already beginning to stockpile units in the United States for quick distribution to carrier partners, other third-party retail partners, and its own channels.

The site also notes that C Technology has claimed on Sina Weibo, a micro blogging platform, that 1.2 million iPhone 5Cs were shipped the to the U.S. yesterday. Recently some photos claiming the iPhone 5C retail packaging were also leaked. However, Macrumors is unclear if these recently received shipments include new iPhone 5S or just the iPhone 5C.

Apple is widely speculated to unveil iPhone 5S alongside iPhone 5C, a low-cost, plastic shell iPhone model in multiple colors at its iPhone event on September 10th.

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