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iPhone 5C Packaging Leaked in Photos

Alongside the iPhone 5S, it’s widely speculated that Apple will be launching a low cost iPhone dubbed as ‘iPhone 5C’. iphone 5C has been leaked in photos over and over showing variety of color options. However, leaked photos first time reveal the retail packaging in which the iPhone 5C will be shipped.
iphone 5c scratch
These leaked iPhone 5C packaging photos come from various sources, including well-known insider C Technology, who has previously published numerous leaks showing various unreleased parts and devices from Apple that are believed to be authentic. These recently leaked photos of the plastic iPhone packaging also indicates that this low-cost iPhone will indeed be called ‘iPhone 5C’ and it will come in multiple color options.

The leaked packaging is apparently quite similar to that of an iPod Touch boxes, featuring a transparent plastic lid to allow buyers to see what colored device is inside the box and just like iPod Touch Apple’s iPhone 5C will reportedly be available in multiple color options.

iApps.im has posted a photo that shows many iPhone with red/pink plastic rear shell.

iphone 5c red pink

The other two photos come from a Chinese microblogging site Weibo that shows iPhone 5C packaging manual and SIM card ejection tool.


Here’s another photo that shows iPhone 5C packaging boxes in blue and yellow with matching wallpapers with a better shot of white iPhone 5C casing.


Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5C alongside iPhone 5S at a media event on September 10th, followed by a launch date of September 20th. Initially iPhone 5C was thought to be an entry-level model, but recent leaks seem to suggest that it could replace iPhone 5 with a price tag of $400-$500 without contract.

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