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Apple Unveils iPhone 5C

Apple has finally unveiled the most anticipated low-cost iPhone, encased in plastic body, the ‘iPhone 5C’. During a media event, held at Apple’s Cupertino campus in California, Apple unveiled its new iPhone lineup dubbed as ‘iPhone 5C’. iPhone 5C is what we were hearing for last several months now.
First time in history, Apple has announced two new different iPhones at a media event. Other than the flagship iPhone, Apple has introduced an iPhone 5C, a low-cost, plastic body iPhone that will be available in multiple colors such as: Green, white, blue, pink, and yellow. The prime target for iPhone 5C will be the emerging markets.

iPhone 5C comes with same-inch display as that of an iPhone 5S/5, with same 786×1366 pixels resolution, integrated touch, A6 processor, 8MP camera, other specs are almost identical to an iPhone 5. The different thing in iPhone 5C is its plastic body, and availability in multiple color options, what wa seven the theme of this event’s invitation: colorful circles.

We’ll report more about iPhone 5C in a bit. Stay Tuned!

iPhone 5C

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