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OpenJailbreak: P0sixninja’s Open Source Jailbreak Repository Goes Public

OpenJailbreak – an open source jailbreak repository is now live for general public. Joshua Hill, better known as P0sixninja, had announced OpenJailbreak last month and then a week later he launched the website but was taken down because of some problems.
Whatever the issue was with previous launch, it’s fixed now. P0sixninja has confirmed in a tweet that is now open to the public, and he encourages hackers and developers to get involved…

The main objective of OpenJailbreak is to serve as a repository of open source jailbreak components created by him to help other developers and hackers to learn how the jailbreak is created and contribute their own work. The ultimate goal here is to keep jailbreaking sustainable for future generations, as explained by him during his presentation at JailbreakCon:

openjailbreak 1

OpenJailbreak website will serve as a repository to jailbreak creators, security researchers and developers. Currently, the website doesn’t look like much – it contains about 6 projects. But Hill says dozens more are planned, and he also expects information to grow as more people contribute and submit their work to the site.

With iOS 7 on the horizon, P0sixninja launching OpenJailbreak and the evad3rs claiming that they’ve got several unused exploits, the future of jailbreaking looks very bright.


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