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iPhone 5 Explodes, Injures Woman’s Eye

A Chinese woman, whose family name is Li, suffered an eye injury after her iPhone 5 exploded while she was on a call. ZDNet reports that the woman nearly lost her eyesight after her iPhone 5 exploded in her hand, sending debris into her eye.
The woman was on a phone call for 40 minutes when she felt her screen growing very warm against her cheek. She apparently tried to end the call and found that the touchscreen was not working, and after a few tries the iPhone 5 exploded.

Li said she felt some debris shooting into her eyes. “I could not open my eyes,” she recalled. Her colleagues rushed her to the hospital where the doctor found her eyeball red and inflamed, and identified a scratch mark which suggested an object had scratched it.

Li had previously dropped her iPhone leaving a small dent in the upper right corner.This is the same corner where the iPhone 5 explosion originated from. She , however, claims that her iPhone was still usable.

Da Lian Evening News reports that Apple representative has responded to the report and said that such incidents require an investigation but typically would not be covered under product warranty.

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