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OpenJailbreak Website Goes Live!

Last month, we reported about an OpenJailbreak project announced by Joshua Hill better known as P0sixninja. The official site for this OpenJailbreak project has just gone live, however is it still work in progress…

Late last month, P0sixninja teased OpenJailbreak as an open source jailbreak repository that will serve as a platform for hackers and developers to collaborate on any jailbreaking/exploiting efforts. is the official website for the project which seems to be work in progress. The home page give the looks of a GitHub page – home page showing the most recent projects and you can list all the projects. Currently, the site contains various libraries to manipulate IPSW files, HFD partition formats, DMG files and more.

Just to remind you, P0sixninja also revealed last month that this is “just a small part of an ultimate plan.” which means he won’t just be stopping there, more is surely on the way. He has yet to reveal what it is but according to MuscleNerd: none of the hackers have a bootrom exploit for A5+ devices. It will be interesting to see what P0sixninja has got up his sleeves to surprise the jailbreak community.

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