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Voice Search Coming to Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Google has announced today on its Chrome blog that it will soon update its Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad that will bring voice search feature previously limited to the Google Search app.
Using the same omnibox, user will be able to search using their voice by tapping on the microphone icon. According to Google, this voice search update for Chrome for iPhone and iPhone will be landing on the app store in the coming days.

Over the coming days, we’re rolling out an update for iPhone and iPad as well. You can now speak your searches into the omnibox. Touch the microphone, say your search query aloud and see your results (in some cases spoken back to you), all without typing a single letter.

Google also noted that this upcoming update will also bring faster reloading of web pages and an option for 3rd party apps to open links in Chrome and then return to the app with just one tap.

Google has already started rolling out revamped voice search functionality in the Chrome app for Mac users. We’ll update you as soon as the new Chrome browser update for iPhone and iPad is out.


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