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Siri vs Google Now – Head-to-Head Comparison [Video]

Back in 2011, Apple unveiled iPhone 4S and Siri, a digital voice assistant, was introduced as one of the killer features. Apple kept on promoting its digital voice assistant in a number of iPhone 4S commercials. But since then, number of competitors have entered the market.
Google Now turn out to be the strongest competitor. Google launched the Google Now back in Summer 2012. Many folks believes that Google Now is better than Siri in both speed and accuracy, while some think of Siri as a superior voice assistant.

The folks over at CNET decided to shot a head-to-head comparison of Siri and Google Now. Both phones were connected to the same WiFi Network before their respective digital voice assistant feature were put to test. Who won this head-to-head competition? Find out in the video embedded below…

As stated in the video, Both digital voice assistants have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Google Now is really good and finding information, while Siri shines in productivity tasks.

Both Google and Apple are investing lots of effort and resources in their respective digital voice assistant apps. It’ll be interesting to see how these two products evolve over time.

Apple is set to unveil latest iOS 7 next month at WWDC. All new UI in rumored for iOS 7, and among other new features and improvements, iOS 7 is also expected to bring new features to Siri.

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