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iOS Push Notifications Hacked and Routed to Google Glass [video]

Adam Bell (@b3ll), a well known iOS developer, has managed to hack iOS push notifications and figured out a way to forward all notifications from iOS to Google Glass.
Even though the implementation is in its early stage, but still works quite well. With this hack, all notifications including iMessages and Tweets automatically are shown via the Google Glass interface. Please note that this hack requires jailbreak.

Just a quick demo of iOS Push Notifications and Google Glass. Glass’s connectivity with iOS is a bit lacking, so I added push notification forwarding as a neat hack. This requires Jailbreak, however hopefully Google will make something happen!

Adam Bell has also created the system-wide Facebook chat heads jailbreak tweak for iOS dubbed as Message Box. Check out the video below for the demo.

User are able to swipe between old and new notifications via Google Glass. Since the implementation of this hack involves some tweaking of the core of Apple’s mobile operating system, the hack requires you to jailbreak your device first.

The tweak will soon be available on GitHub. It will also be released on Cydia as a fully developed Cydia tweak.

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