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Alleged iPhone 5S Prototype Leaked [Photos]

GSMArena has posted a bunch of leaked photos of alleged iPhone 5S prototype, sources from a tipster. The alleged iPhone 5S prototype reveals a radical redesign, curved edge-to-edge display and absence of iconic home button.
iphone 5s prototype
We strongly urge you to take these photos with piches of salt because this kind of design is is not typical of Apple. The device pictured may well just be photoshopped or even digitally rendered altogether.

The display of the alleged iPhone 5S prototype is sloped towards edges, which conincides with a patent application from the Cupertino company that was approved last week. Below you can see the sketch from the Apple patent application.

iphone 5s prototype 1

It’s worth mentioning here that Apple tends to make more squarish designs for its smartphones, which allow more room in the chassis of the phone and a more compact device.

iphone 5s prototype 2

Not only the photos quality makes it suspicious, the illustrated design suggests a radical design change in the currect iPhone form factor, which is unlike of Apple. Because all the iPhone “S” upgrades (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S) have remained almost identical to their respective predecessors.

There’s one scenario that might make sense here – what you are seeing could be a prototype on which Apple is working. All major manufacturers consider and test a number of different designs before settling on the final version. It might also be a case specially designed to conceal the look of the Apple iPhone 5S, but that seems too much effort – these dev units are usually simple plastic rectangles.

iphone 5s prototype 3

This so called iPhone 5S prototype may reflect a future iPhone, but it’s unlikely the iPhone 5S, unless Apple is planning a break its tradition.


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cheddar4124 April 16, 2013, 11:50 pm

Yuck, that thing is ugly.

Dashinoku April 27, 2013, 6:25 pm

It Looks Like A Ipod Nano, Not Bad, But Bad Timing

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