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How to Use Siri to Get Directions with Google Maps

After months of rumors and speculations, Google Maps app for iPhone is finally available in the appstore for free. However, unlike default Apple maps app, you cannot use siri to get directions in Google Maps app because it is not the default maps app since iOS 6. However there’s a workaround that makes it possible. Hit the jump to learn more…
There’s a workaround to make Siri show you directions using Google Maps app, and it does not require your device to be jailbroken or any jailbreak tweak.

Note: This is a different than LaunchCenter Pro or contact card solutions making round in the cloud – In this trick you don’t need any addition app or URL schemes.

The trick here is to add the words ‘via transit‘ after your request to Siri for directions.

For example: Ask Siri: “I need directions to the airport via transit.” This should load iOS Maps app for a brief second, and then defer to Google Maps because Google Maps plugs into Apple’s Maps to provide transit directions.


Hopefully, for those having troubles with using default iOS Maps app, this trick will make it easier to use Google’s Maps alternative. Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below…

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