How to Hide Newsstand on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, No jailbreak Required

How to Hide Newsstand From iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

In iOS 5, Apple introduced the Newsstand app, which is a folder for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Several users complained that the Newsstand could not be hidden from the Springboard. However, now it’s easy to hide Newsstand from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Filippo Bigarella, a well-known Cydia developer has released a simple Mac app (Windows version to follow soon) to hide Newsstand app from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with just a single click. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t even require jailbreak.

StifleStand is the new tweak for Mac, developed by Filippo Bigarella, that lets you hide Newsstand icon from your iOS devices. This tweak simply uses the trick of moving the Newsstand to a folder. And just like the previous solutions, opening Newsstand from a folder will crash the Springboard. So use this app only if you don’t use the Newsstand app.

To hide the Newsstand app using StifleStand from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch simply follow these steps:

  1. Download StifleStand for Mac and open it;
  2. Plug-in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 5 or later and make sure that StifleStand detects your device.
  3. Find the Newsstand folder on your device;
  4. Now click the Hide Newsstand button on StifleStand;
  5. You’ll see a new folder named Magic, on your iDevice’s home screen, containing the Newsstand app.

You can easily rename the folder and put other apps in the same folder too. You can easily move the Newsstand app out of that folder simply by putting the device into wiggle mode, and drag out the Newsstand app icon. You can always run StifleStand again if you wish to hide it in the future.

stiflestand hide newsstand

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