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iOS 6 Fixes SMS Spoofing Bug Found by Pod2G

Apple has fixed numerous security vulnerabilities in iOS 6 firmware according to P0sixninja, the hacker behind Greenpois0n. He confirms that Apple has fixed the SMS Spoofing vulnerability in iOS 6 among other fixes.

Pod2G, the hacker behind Absinthe, was the first person to report the SMS spoofing flaw in iOS. Pod2G had outlined the scenarios where SMS Spoofing security flaw could have been a dangerous one:

  • Pirates could send a message that seems to come from the bank of the receiver asking for some private information, or inviting them to go to a dedicated website. [Phishing]
  • One could send a spoofed message to your device and use it as a false evidence.
  • Anything you can imagine that could be utilized to manipulate people, letting them trust somebody or some organization texted them.

Now both P0sixninja and Pod2G confirms that Apple has fixed SMS Spoofing bug in iOS 6.


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