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NFC Chip Spotted in Leaked iPhone 5 Front Assembly? has posted some leaked pictures of what they believe is the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip tucked down under the metal chassis, as shown in the photo below…

New images thought to be of the front casing of the upcoming iPhone 5 show a metallic square chassis never seen before in any iPhone, prompting some to speculate the mystery part is an NFC chip.

The purported NFC chip is located next to the unit’s front-facing camera. Apple is rumored to have swapped the locations of the next gen iPhone front-facing camera and IR proximity sensor, thus leaving a sizable room to the left of the earpiece.

MacOtakara, a Japanese Apple blog, notes that the square component covered by EMI shielding is in line with the dimensions of currently available NFC packages like NXP’s 5 millimeter-by-5 millimeter solution.

First the NFC Chip references were found in the code of the hardware dumps from upcoming iPhone prototypes, so the chances of Apple including NFC capabilities in iPhone 5 are very high.

By storing credit card, bank, or other digital payment information on a device, NFC can securely conduct transactions with other authorized devices. NFC would allow iPhone users to share files with other iOS devices.

It is believed that NFC introduction in iPhone will be a game changing feature and a big part of the Sept 12th iPhone 5 unveiling. iPhone 5 will be loaded with iOS 6 which is claimed to bring 200+ new features. Checkout: iOS 6 Features.

via [AppleInsider]


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