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Apple Asks Resellers to Clear iPad Display Space Ahead of iPad Mini?

Apple is reportedly asking its premium retailers in Europe to triple the space made available for the iPad displays. The report adds weight to the rumored iPad mini launch in the coming month.

MacRumors has received word from multiple Apple Premium Resellers in Europe that Apple has requested they set aside additional table space for iPad displays over the next few weeks. One of the sources specifically cites September 12 as the Apple-imposed deadline for the adjustments to be made, while another source indicates that their store is already at work on tripling the amount of display space dedicated to the iPad.

In some stores this change in display space request has resulted is the complete removal of Mac Pros and Mac minis from being displayed. Space for iPods and headphones is also being trimmed back.

It’s unclear if these display space changes have anything to do with the rumored iPad mini. The obvious reason seems to be the launch of an iPad Mini, however, Apple is also rumored to launch tweaked version of iPad 3.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5, iPod Nano, and a new iPod Touch on September 12. iPhone 5 will be loaded with iOS 6 which Apple claims to bring 200+ new features. Checkout our list of iOS 6 features.

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