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Prepaid iPhone 4S, 4 Goes on Sale on Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless has started offering prepaid iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 this weekend. Cricket Wireless is the first US carrier to offer a pre-paid, contract-free iPhone with $55 (no-contract) unlimited data plan.

The prepaid iPhone 4S ad iPhone 4 are available at several of its retail stores and select dealers generating quite a buzz, with customers lining up outside several of its stores to get their hands onto the prepaid iPhones.

The prepaid iPhone 4S (16GB) and iPhone 4 (8GB) are available for $499.99 and $400 respectively. Though it’s much expensive when compared to an average subsidized handset, but it’s quite a deal if we consider other contract-free iPhones.

Cricket Wireless has offered these iPhones with a $55 no-contract plan which includes unlimited calling and text messages. 2.3GB data is also included in the plan, speed is throttled after that.

The opportunity cost of availing this prepaid iPhone offer is; a far-less sturdy Cricket Wireless network, covering 60 million Americans, far less than the 300 million claimed by Verizon and AT&T.

If you’re one of those hoping to take advantage of the savings associated with the prepaid plan, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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