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iPad 3 Price and Release date

Apple has unveiled the New iPad, the 3rd generation of the Apple iPad 3 during an event held in San Franscisco, California. The new iPad brings Retina display, 5MP camera with 1080p video recording, A5x processor and 4G LTE.

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The New iPad Price

Apple has kep the old pricing policy. Apple iPad 3 price chart is here:

The New iPad





$499 $599 $699

WiFi + 4G

$629 $729 $829

The New iPad release date

iPad 3 2012 will be available on March 16th. If you want one as badly as I do you’ll be happy to know that the pre-orders start today.  On day one it’ll be available in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapur, Austrailia…

on March 23rd, iPad 3 will be released to 26 more countries.


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