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iPad 3 to See a $70-80 Price Increase?

A price list has been shared by a Sina Weibo user which shows that iPad 3 cost premiums over the iPad 2. The rumored price list indicates that the iPad 3 will cost $70-80 more than the 2nd-gen iPad.

The iPad 2 prices are in U.S. dollars at the present pricing, which starts at $499 for the 16GB+WiFi model. The iPad 3, meanwhile, is listed at a starting price of $579 for the $16GB+WiFi model and goes as high as $899 for the 64GB+WiFi+3G model. According to the chart, the iPad 3 costs $80 more for the equivalent Wi-Fi models, and $70 more for the equivalent 3G models.

It’s pretty easy to fake reports like this, however, if the report turns out to be true, it’d be the first time that Apple has deviated from its original pricing strategy.

It’s highly unlikely of Apple to change the $499 base price of the ipad 3. Share your views in the comments section below…

via [MacRumors]

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