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SiriToggles – Launch Apps, Toggle Settings, Control Brightness via Siri

SiriToggles is a new jailbreak tweak for iPhone 4S, available in cydia, which allows you to launch applications, Control Brightness and toggle iPhone 4S system settings, and check how much battery is left.

Launching Apps, Toggle System Settings, Controlling Brightness and Shutting down iPhone 4S, with your voice using Siri, are the functionalities that Apple should have included in Siri from day one. While Apple has restricted Siri’s capabilities, SiriToggles liberates it for jailbreakers.

SiriToggles adds a load of new features to Siri on the iPhone 4S (it also works on older devices using something like spire to get Siri). SiriToggles allows you to tell Siri to enable/disable certain settings, get info on battery level, change your screen brightness and even launch apps.

SiriToggles is developed by ‘Hamza Sood’ who has included multiple system toggles that the average user accesses on daily basis. With SiriToggles installed, you can toggle your iPhone 4S Bluetooth, WiFi, Data Settings and Airplane Mode with your voice via Siri.

The commands are structured as follows:

  • For toggling – You can say either “enable/disable” or “turn on/turn off” then one of the following things:
    wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, cellular data
  • To get the battery level – say anything like “how much battery do I have left” or “what is my remaining battery percentage”
  • To change the brightness – say “set/change backlight/brightness to x%”
  • To launch an app – say “launch” then the name. For example, to open safari say “launch safari” or “open photos”

SiriToggles is a great jailbreak tweak for iPhone 4S users and available for Free in the Cydia.

How to Install SiriToggles on iPhone 4S

Your iPhone 4S must be jailbroken. To jailbreak iPhone 4S follow any of these guides:

  1. From your jailbroken iPhone 4S, Open Cydia;
  2. Go to Search tab at bottom and Search for SiriToggles (available under theBigBoss Repo);
  3. Tap on SiriToggles, then tap on Install and then Confirm;

Don’t forget to share you experience with SiriToggles for iPhone 4S in the comments section below…

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