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AssistantExtensions Jailbreak Tweak Extends Siri’s Functionality

AssistantExtensions is a new jailbreak tweak that pushes Siri’s limits. It brings additional commands to Siri on iPhone 4S, such as Tweeting, launching apps, search YouTube, toggle switch and more, that are not available by default.

AssistantExtensions, gives Siri much more power than what it has now. It’s a framework which is based on MobileSubstrate and can control a lot of things on your iPhone 4S and provide platform for other developers to come up with their own extensions to bring more funtinalities to Siri.

A plug-in architecture allowing developers to extend Siri functionality (commands and GUI snippets). Several commands and snippets are built-in, including a chat bot for talking to Siri about anything you like.

AssistantExtensions includes a few built-in extensions including:

System commands: tweet ‘text_of_the_tweet’, open ‘application_name’ or launch ‘app_name’, brightness to ‘XX %’, restart springboard, generate a random number, say ‘what_to_say>’, should I ‘do something?’.

Toggles: turn on ‘toggle_name’, list toggles or list switches to get a list of toggles and their states.

Chat Bot: You can chat with Siri. To start, just say “Let’s chat” and wait a moment. Loading times will be improved a lot in future releases.

YouTube – searches YouTube and shows results with thumbnails, example: “Search Lady Gaga on YouTube”

How to Install AssistantExtensions

Your iPhone 4S or any Siri capable device must be jailbroken: To jailbreak iPhone 4S follow any of these guides:

  1. From your jailbroken iPhone 4S, Open Cydia;
  2. Go to Search tab at bottom and Search for AssistantExtensions (available under theBigBoss Repo);
  3. Tap on AssistantExtensions, then tap on Install and then Confirm.



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