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TouchPad 4.0 – Use Siri Dictation on iPhone 4S to Send Text to Your Mac

Edovia has released an update to TouchPad, a popular remote iOS app. TouchPad 4.0 update brings many more features to what was already one of the best trackpad and remote keyboard apps available in the App Store.

TouchPad not only lets you control your Mac from an iPhone and iPad, TouchPad 4.0 update also brings the ability to use Siri to dictate sentences and send them to your Mac over a Wi-Fi network.

Tired of having a keyboard and mouse laying around in your living room? Get rid of that lousy setup with TouchPad! Use your iOS device to remotely control your computer through WiFi. With TouchPad’s intuitive use, you’ll feel right at home if you have already used a track pad on a MacBook. It’s almost like having a micro laptop in your hands!

Unlike other remote control apps, TouchPad doesn’t require any third-party server software running on your Mac, rather it relies on OS X’s built-in Screen Sharing technology.

TouchPad Features

  • Super-easy setup,
  • Configurable Multi-touch gestures,
  • Media controller for all major software (Front Row, QuickTime, VLC, WMP, Boxee, etc.),
  • Drag files, windows, text, etc.,
  • Use the iPhone 4S keyboard Siri button to dictate sentences and send them to your computer.

What’s New In TouchPad 4.0

  • Modifiers toolbar now always visible
  • More media players
  • Use the Siri key on your device keyboard to send text to your computer
  • Many new shortcuts (see 3 and 4 finger gestures in documentation)
  • Improved support for international keyboards
  • Improved help documentation
  • Improved screen zooming gesture
  • Many bug fixes
  • Many performance improvements

**If you have a Mac or use Linux, no additional software is required on your computer. TouchPad connects through Screen Sharing, which is part of OS X and most Linux distributions. Windows users can download a free VNC server such as TightVNC which is highly recommended. TouchPad is an alternative to a wireless keyboard/mouse/trackpad/remote combo. You will not see your computer’s screen on your iPhone or iPad.

Download TouchPad 4.0

You can purchase and download TouchPad 4.0 from the AppStore for $4.99, available as a universal download. [Download Links]
via [iDB]

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