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Acquire For Photoshop – Sends iOS Photos Straight Into Photoshop

Acquire is a new iOS app for iPhone, available in the appstore, that lets you send iOS photos, from any camera equipped iDevice, straight into Photoshop CS5 or later.

Acquire for Photoshop takes advantage of the integrated remote server feature, found in Photoshop CS5 or later versions, to transmit images from iDevices to Photoshop directly, wirelessly.

Acquire for Photoshop requires Photoshop CS5 or later version, so make sure you’ve the right version before you make the purchase.

Acquire is a simple, powerful utility for instantly ingesting images from your camera-equipped iOS device into Adobe Photoshop CS5. Using Adobe’s Remote Connect feature, an image shot with your device’s camera is instantly, wirelessly transmitted into Photoshop so you can work with it without delay.

Acquire for Photoshop is, indeed, a handy utility for Photoshop users and iPhone bloggers. It really saves time and steps, and keeps the process flowing without interruption. It’s very simple to use: Once you’ve installed ‘Acquire for Photoshop’ on an iOS device, enable the remote server in your Photoshop CS5, Put your iDevice and PC on the same WiFi, Connect to Remote Server from Acquire, Take a photo from your iDevice or choose one from photos gallery, and send to Photoshop. That’s it! you’ve your desire photo in Photoshop.


SIMPLE: Acquire is designed to do one really useful thing, and do it well. It does.
POWERFUL: Acquire connects to Photoshop using WiFi, so you can quickly send images to any copy of Photoshop CS5 on your network.
FLEXIBLE: Acquire supports multiple simultaneous connections, so you could have several devices shooting images to a single machine at once!
SECURE: Communication between your device and Photoshop is encrypted, so your system remains secure.

Download Acquire For Photoshop

You can purchase and download Acquire for Photoshop form the AppStore for $1.99. [Download Link]

**It requires Photoshop CS5 and an iDevice with a Camera

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