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Vudu Brings its Movie Streaming Service to iPad as WebApp

Walmart launches VUDU, its subscription free, video-on-demand movie streaming service, for the iPad as a WebApp. VUDU, which claims to be “a leading subscription-free, video-on-demand movie service” has optimized their site for iPad to neatly bypass Apple’s revenue sharing requirements.

VUDU WebApp for iPad streams videos in h.264, although the videos are only in standard definition due to licensing restrictions and some Disney films are also missing from the catalogue.

VUDU, a leading subscription-free, video-on-demand movie service and wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart stores, has optimized the navigation experience of to enable millions of iPad owners to rent or buy entertainment content and then stream it easily through any iPad browser.

The movies purchased and/or rented on the iPad VUDU website are also viewable on any other device that supports VUDU including,, and 300 consumer electronics devices.

According to Engadget, you can watch VUDU on your iPhone using the same WebApp despite the user interface not yet optimized for it (don’t be disappointed if this doesn’t work well or if VUDU blocks this).

If you choose to “Add to Home Screen“, you do not get the background multitasking support and there’s no word on AirPlay Support.

Go to the VUDU website on your iPad and start using the VUDU iPad interface.

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