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Cut The Rope: Experiments for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Hits the App Store

ZeptoLab has released the Cut The Rope’s sequel dubbed “Cut The Rope: Experiments” for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Given the huge success of Cut The Rope, a sequel doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

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Cut The Rope: Experiments features three boxes: Getting Started, Shooting the Candy, and Sticky Steps; containing 75 new experiments (levels), with more to come! Cut The Rope: Experiments also brings new musical tracks, sounds and Om Nom animations.

What on earth is Om Nom?! That’s what millions of fans of the widely acclaimed game, Cut the Rope, have been asking about the cute little monster who eats candy like its his job! That same question has a mad (but not bad) scientist studying the little creature that mysteriously arrived outside his house. Intrigued by Om Nom’s insatiable appetite for sweets, the Professor puts him through a series of experiments in this all-new game, a follow-up to one of the most original and fun-filled games on the App Store.

Cut the Rope: Experiments combines the same rope-cutting and monster-feeding action that millions of people around the globe have come to love, with new features and gameplay elements including Rope Shooters and Suction-cups. Can you help the Professor and Om Nom get through these wacky experiments?
– 75 new experiments (levels) across 3 colorful new settings, with more to come!
– 3 level packs: Getting Started, Shooting the Candy, Sticky Steps
– New musical tracks, sounds and Om Nom animations

Meet the newest character in Om Nom’s adventures! The wacky Professor adds colorful commentary in response to gameplay achievements (or lack thereof!), adding a new element of interaction between the player and the game. How did Om Nom end up outside the scientist’s house? And why is he so intrigued with the little creature?
– Find hidden photo evidence to help the scientist with his experiments! Complete the professor’s photo album and share with your friends on Facebook
– New animated storyline featuring the professor’s intriguing commentary and reactions to Om Nom’s behavior – What will he think of YOUR achievements?


– Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards – compare your progress to other rope cutters around the world!
– “Gift This App” option makes it easy to share Om Nom with friends

In Cut the Rope: Experiments, Om Nom’s story begins to unfold. Follow the adventures of Om Nom, the Professor and more interesting new characters in the Cut the Rope Comic Book, coming soon to the App Store!
The most interesting news though is the game’s release date of August 4th. That’s tomorrow, for those not sat near a calendar.
Were they not planning on telling anyone?!
More information, and maybe even a review if you’re really lucky, coming soon.

Download Cut The Rope: Experiments

You can purchase and download Cut The Rope: Experiments for $0.99 [iPhone- Download Link] and $1.99 [iPad – Download Link].

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